Summer Special for June, July and August!

Set yourself up for unlimited classes ALL SUMMER!  Get June, July and August, unlimited monthly classes for $270.00!!  Get fit and stay fit, healthy and happy with our complete fitness program!  25 classes per week to fit your schedule!  Small group training in a fun atmosphere!  Look forward to your fitness with friends!

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New Schedule May 2018!

So excited to announce that starting in May 2018, we will now offer 27 classes per week!   Included in those classes, we now offer “Open Row” Classes 3 days per week.  4 new spin classes have also been added to the schedule.

New Row classes are 6PM Tuesdays and Thursdays and 7AM Saturdays

New SPIN classes are Monday 5:30AM and 9:30AM, Wednesdays at 6PM and Thursdays at 7:30AM

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New 2nd Sunday Morning SPIN!

So excited to announce, starting October 22nd, we are adding an 8:00AM SPIN with Karen!  Hard Core, 45 minutes, cardio, sweat and Spin!  If 8AM is too early, we still have our 9:30AM SPIN with Teresa!

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Back-to-School Special! Your Birthday month is on us!

After a fun summer in the sun, it is time to start thinking about the fall and for some, thinking about back-to-school.  Are you scheduling your time and taking care of your health?  Do you need some time to reset yourself and recharge your batteries to handle the busy schedules of Fall and Winter?

Pedal Power offers Auto-Pay.  Set up your unlimited monthly payment once and it’s one less thing to think about for the rest of the year.  Take care of yourself and commit to at least 2 training sessions per week and you will gain more energy, feel happier, get healthier and stronger.

Now through the end of September, if you sign up for Auto-pay and commit to 12 months, we will not charge you for your birthday month!  You will get 12 months for the price of 11 months!

If you are using a mobile device, download the MINDBODY App.  If you are using a computer click HERE.

Investing in Yourself

“Go to work,  feed the kids, take the kids to their parties, pick them up at sports, grocery shop, cook dinner, scrub the toilets, do the dishes, catch up on laundry… oh and take care of yourself…..  what??? when am I supposed to do that? what part of the day between waking up and crashing in bed after the family and household is all taken care of could I possibly take care of myself?…”  Sound familiar?

This struggle is, too often, the norm in today’s society.  We praise busy lifestyles and equate that to happiness.  Often times, we find ourselves struggling and just keeping our head above water to survive the day.  The next thing you know, we are just living in survival mode.  It’s not healthy and we’re not happy.

To be successful in life (and I use this term lightly, I am not referring to financial wealth, as I do not believe this to equate to success), we must invest in ourselves.  This picture may look completely different from one person to the next.  Find what makes you happy.  There are so many ways we can invest in ourselves.  Scheduling a 30 minute walk, a massage, acupuncture, coffee with a friend, going to the beach, kayaking, paddleboarding, painting a picture, taking an art class, building, creating, reading a book, taking an exercise class or finding a quiet place to journal/write are just some of the many things to recharge your system.

Schedule this time for yourself just as you schedule your family dinners and other important appointments.  Make this a priority and you will reap the rewards of a happier, healthier version of you.  We tend to view this as being selfish but when we invest in ourselves first, we give our best selves to those around us.  We have more energy to give to our children, our spouses, our families and our friends.  This becomes the exact opposite of selfish and we are, in turn, giving more of ourselves to those around us.

So, stop feeling guilty, let the dishes in the sink for a while, the laundry will still be there in an hour.   Find what you love, schedule it as a priority.  You’ll have more energy to do and be who you want and deserve to be.


By Teresa Thomas, mother of two beautiful kids, owner of Pedal Power Inc. Fitness Studio and Seeker of Happiness!